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Last Update : 10th August 2007

Copyright Notice
All information presented on HSC 4U is deemed to be the copyright of Bournemouth University unless stated otherwise. Copyright is implied irrespective of whether a copyright symbol or a copyright statement is displayed.

The copyright of any information presented on this system must not be infringed without the written consent of the University or the owner of the copyright.

The University will take reasonable care to ensure that it does not knowingly infringe the copyright of anyone. If it is suspected that information on this system is infringing the copyright of someone, the University should be informed so that appropriate action can be taken.

The School of Health & Social Care (HSC) will take reasonable care in preparing the information presented on this system. However the security, fitness for purpose and the accuracy of such information is not implied and cannot be guaranteed. Anyone who uses this information (and this system), does so at their own risk and shall be deemed to have indemnified HSC from any injuries or damages arising from such use.

HSC reserves the right to immediately remove any information on HSC 4U that is the subject of legal objection, once notification of legal objection has been received.

The Web Team reserve the right to immediately remove any information presented on this system, that is considered to be putting HSC or its services at risk.

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