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HSC 4U > How Do I Sign In From Home?

You log into HSC 4U by using your normal university username and password.
in one of the following ways - if you are presented with two boxes type;

id: staff\your id
password: your secret password

if you are presented with three boxes type;

id: your id
password:your secret password
domain: staff

Your id and password is the same as the one you use to login to any PC on campus.

Take note of the file sizes as this will give some indication of the likely time taken to download files. Unless you are lucky enough to use a high speed ADSL connection, speeds over normal modem links are relatively slow when compared to access inside the University. Before clicking on a link to download a file, move the cursor over the link and it should indicate in the status box at the bottom of the page how long it will take over a 28.8k modem.

Security - your responsibility

As you will now be able to download any of your files to a local computer it is your responsibility to safeguard the information.


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